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Crypto Technical Analysis

We believe that following disciplined technical indicators can providee smart entry and exit points and we’ve documented our work to share and learn with the community.

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We have broken down the essentials of technical analysis to help you understand how they work together to help you find the trend of the market and play that trend.

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Vikings @ Seahawks Week 14 2018 – UNDER 46

  Our models have a STRONG bet on tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Vikings @ Seattle. Take the UNDER 46. @Vikings Defense has only allowed 23 TDs all season (less than 2 per game). Only the #Patriots have scored more than 3 TDs against this #Vikings...

What Will Be The Impact of the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures

Bakkt $BTC Daily Futures Will Be Backed By Bitcoin. The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), will begin trading 1-day Bitcoin (BTC) futures on its crypto trading platform Bakkt pending CFTC approval.  Source: ICE press...

Voting on the Blockchain Begins In West Virginia

Voting on the blockchain is finally here in the United States. Well, at least if you live in West Virginia. And it can all be done through mobile app Voatz. Almost everyone has a cell phone in the states per Pew Research (92%). Thus the barriers to voting can greatly...

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