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Ontology Trust Network (OTN)



  • Consider it a compliment to NEO (NOT a NEO killer); for corporations that want a private/security blockchain

What is NeoX:

  • Protocol from original NEO white paper, implements cross-chain interoperability, consisting of two parts assets and transaction protocol (smart contracts)
    • Assets – exchanging assets across different chains (atomic swaps amongst those in/on NEO platform)
    • Transaction protocol – NeoX makes it possible for cross-chain smart contracts where a smart contract can perform different parts on mult chains, all succeed or fail as a whole
  • Ontology is the fiber/glue/web/network that will make NeoX a reality
  • NeoX will bridge private consortium (DNA of Onchain that will be sold to enterprises) of Onchain world and the public world of NEO
    • Inside Onchain, has DNA; bedrock of Onchain. Will sale DNA to enterprise in china etc.

What is OTN?

  • “Built to be the foundational infrastructure of a trust ecosystem”
    • Distributed ledger network
    • Basically will aid in connecting all chains on NEO network and more
  • Provides trust foundation for businesses (peace of mind for businesses)
  • Consider it a framework with mutltiple layers/functions within OTN
  • NEO will have direct plug into OTN, such that will have identity verification
    • Can be considered to strengthen/empower NEO as it connects it to potential enterprises

Selling points:

  • Lots of talks for giant consortiums forming ie. Microsoft and Linux, R3 and hyperledger etc.
    • Many say these groups will want a public block chain
    • ONT and NEO have the assets, identity and contracts (of NEO) to offer + now the privacy for businesses of ONT
  • Otorand Consensus Engine/Decentralized Protocol = its UNFORKABLE!! We all know forking is indirectly inflation

Important Info: