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Decentralized search engine framework; think of Google

3rd generation blockchain; currently ERC-20 token, when main net launches will switch over to its own blockchain


Entering a phase with multiple blockchain space; will be able to search cross blockchain information, instead of going to each individual blockchain and searching

Aggregates data, creates algorithm, ranks them based on value


Consider once we have IoT type devices, they will be able to get onto NAS and search across multiple chains.

Consider the future of the internet (very much in the air) but you have projects such as Nexus, Substratis, Sky coin etc that are trying to revolutionize the internet as we know it… Nebulas is placing itself in the center of this


Will have a dAPP vetting service, almost like a dAPP store: check in through NAS, see which dAPPs are highest rated

Will rate dAPPs

Nebulas Force = will make for flexible blockchain development; such that dev’s can change their projects; benefit is this can potentially stop the forking (obviously forking is a big prob right now)

Will provide NAS tokens to incentivize devs to develop on their blockchain

Will have master nodes; no details quite yet

Lightning network enabled wallet (aka atomic swaps)

Is it too early for something like this in the space?


Hitters Xu (Founder): one of original founders of AntShares (original NEO), part of Googles Search and AntiFraud team since 2013

Road Map:

Main net should launch Q1 2018


Gifto, Loopring