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Lux Coin is an adventurous project that I believe has a lot of value. It has an active community and it is down (around the 70,000 sats range) from all time highs of about $48.00 (340,000 sat range).  Lux is a hybrid POW and POS system.

Lux has recently come out with a new web wallet and desktop wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux.  The web wallet allows you to stake your LUX coins.

As of March 31 2018, Lux has 23 members on its Luxcore team.

One of the things I like about LUX is its algorithm for its mining.  It is ASIC-resistant  Phi1612 algorithm requires less power to mine than most other algorithms out there.


Lux has a very active github account, with regular commits:




Crypto Celebs Endorsement of $LUX:

Crypto Gat has been on LUX for a long time now.

Doug Polk on LUX. (Jan 2018)

KJ has joined the LUX bandwagon. (Monday April 23 2018)



Update: Monday April 23 2017:
For better or worse Jon McAfee has joined the LUX team as an advisor.