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Cyber Physical Chain (CPC) – be sure its correct (there is another CPC ticker)

What is it?

  • “Next gen, IoT”: IoT = interconnection via internet of computing devices in everyday life; smart cars/homes/phones/watches
  • Offers solutions to current IoT architecture
  • Will reduce connectivity costs for devices, protect data privacy, maximize value of IoT data
  • Blockchain + IoT + distributed encryption storage and computing
  • 30 Million $ hardcap (great potnl for growth)

Problem it is solving/why needed?

  • Currently IoT is centralized (smart homes, medical care), common issues being maintenance and connectivity cost, data value and trust.
  • Current solutions built for one specific purpose making costly to maintain (consider fitbit etc); companies don’t tend to retain.
  • As a result, doesn’t meet demand for billions of connected devices.
  • CPChain seeks to overcome in areas such as intelligent transportation, smart homes, medical care
  • Current centralized model is costly bc poor interoperability and high interconnection cost among devices
    • Secondly, isolation, purpose built specific application in current environment, ie smart watch. Accumulates data that cant be communicated, “data island”
    • Thirdly, privacy and security
  • Blockchain reduces costs, maximize value of data collected


  • Parallel distributed cloud storage architecture – solves scalability of large scale data storage
  • New hybrid consensus protocol scales and optimizes computer power simultaneously
  • Side chain consensus focuses on security while allowing real time high volume concurrent transactions


  • Mainnet 10/2018


  • Long Chengnian: cofounder, 40+ published papers, professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.; expertise security estimation & cyber-phy systms and mobile IoT
  • Zhao Bin: cofounder, extensive research in IoT, 3 IoT patents, secured pilot project within Shanghai Automotive Industry (already have these electric cars on campus)


  • QTUM, VEN, Metaverse, HPB, ChainFunder, Torque


  • Bibox, IDEX, EtherDelta