Tone Vays no longer sees his original bear case of BTC down to $27,500 from a few days ago (Around 7/17 – 7/19).

Thursday 7/22/21 – $BTC has made it to an MRI buy and we are having a positive day.

(4th minute) We did not fall low enough for capitulation and the end of the mini-bear market.


MRI buys are the green arrow up with the number 1. Tone is more bullish on the MRI buy on Wed 7/21/21 more so than he was on the last one on 6/25/21.  The price to watch is the local swing high of $34,670. (and the moving average (around 34,400) and triangle (~33,325) to be certain that the lows of the summer are in.


Tone is raising the probability that the recent low of about $28,855 on June 21, 2021 will NOT be the mini-bear market low. Something greater than 51%.  He did raise the probability that the 28k 6/21/21 low would be the bottom of this mini-bear market but there is still greater than a 51% chance that we will go a little lower. (Seemed to suggest that it would be between 27,500 – $28,855).