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What is it/Goal:

3rd generation blockchain. Aim to interchain communication, as well as value

Has virtual machine = dAPPs and smart contracts

First chain will be with Ethereum


Used to develop dAPPs, building bridges btwn chains to communicate, also used to build new chains

Work as Federation = multiple communicating chains

Later down the road, may “peg” AION token to a value, pegging it to security and pegging to AION for decentralization (ie. if you have weak chain in any of those respects, can peg to AION)


Proof of Stake (60%) and Proof of Intelligence (40%): proof of intel will be AI based proof of work


Matthew Spoke (is the lead) – sits on board of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Large team with lots of engineers and developers (bonus)

AION will be “headliner” at May 2018, Ethereum developer conference (well connected)


Blockchain Interoperability Alliance with Icon and Wan chain

Enigma, Singularity Net, SONM, Metaverse, JAXX…


Downside is no virtual machine until the end of the year.

Also, still working on multiple papers (bridging paper, AION virtual machine technical paper etc)

Working product:

Test net is up

Exciting project but still very young.


ARK already in the space, are up and running but also still young

Then again, plenty of room for both in this space